Fun Korean variety show games to play on your barkada's Christmas reunion (2024)

Christmas is best spent partying with your good 'ol friends, don't you think? However, if dancing the night away is not your cup of tea, a fun workaround is staying up late over drinks and games.

Now that social gatherings are back in full swing after the world's years-long lockdown, it is ideal to make your much-anticipated get-together memorable with contests and competitions that will keep your squad's energy flowing throughout the night.

Luckily, you don't have to look far to get some inspo for fun activities. You have your favorite K-pop idols and stars to turn to, as they have once tested their stamina and wit on games offered by various Korean variety shows—and they sure sent viewers laughing out loud.

In this article, PhilSTAR L!fe recommends various gamesfrom Korean variety shows to help you make the most of your Christmas reunion.

Without further ado, let the games begin!

Puzzle Tug-of-War

Where there is BTS, there is fun. And the world's biggest boyband has been proving that in their variety web series titled Run BTS.

For the show's 38th episode aired in January last year, the seven-piece group played a game called Puzzle Tug-of-War, which is similar to the famous childhood game, but with a twist.

The game begins with the members forming three groups with each player competing in a three-way tug-of-war game. Unlike the traditional game, though, players must compete to finish a puzzle while being pulled in opposite directions by one another.

Apart from being challenging, this game is sure to send each of your friends on a laughing spree. And if you're up for more comedy, you can also dress up in costumes, just like Suga did during their show.

The team that finishes the puzzle first wins the game. Losers, on the other hand, are subject to wacky penalties inspired by the BTS, including butt slaps, cosplays, wrapping your head with stockings, and drinking nasty stuff.

Guess the Celebrity

By the title itself, you may have already guessed it. This game is from the popular Korean YouTube variety show The Game Caterers where K-pop idols and K-drama actors play games initiated by well-known South Korean producer PD Na Young-seok, along with his production team.

Before the game begins, Na PD’s team lays out the prizes to be won in front of the episode’s guests. The prizes in the Girl’s Generation episode consisted of a massage gun, playing their Forever 1 music video on the show, and ramyeon, among others.

This will then be followed by the Guess Who game wherein Na PD holds up a picture of a public personality, mostly Western and South Korean. Then, the players will have to say that person’s name out loud.

Each member will only be given a second to answer and if the member fails to within the allotted time, a prize will be removed from the table. This game will go on until the last picture has been shown. However, once all prizes have been removed before the players guess the last photo, it automatically signals game over.

You can also switch it up by showing childhood Filipino snacks similar to the show's episode with YG artists here.

General Quiz

Another light and entertaining contest from The Game Caterers is one that is titled General Quiz. This game is better done unannounced, with players lining up to pick a question from a bowl of papers. As the name suggests, the questions for this game will test the contestant's general knowledge—from pop culture, math, and geography. It can also includeword relay wherein the player should name five types of a certain thing, let's say ice cream.

In the episode featuring HYBE artists, those who answered the question accurately were given their packed lunch as a reward. This episode was conducted outdoors where the stars played strenuous activities beforehand. So, they were all eager to win and have their afternoon meal.

Consider yourself unlucky if you pick a “dud” which means you have to go back to the end of the line. The same rule applies if you answer incorrectly.

If you want to try out this game with your gang, you can also do so by adding Filipino pop-culture or historical facts into the mix. After all, ain't unexpected situations the a fun to learn something new?

Random Play Dance

K-pop fans are familiar with this one. The Random Play Dance on Weekly Idol tests a South Korean idol’s memory by showing off the choreographies that they learned through sweat and diligent practice.

K-pop groups are given three attempts to dance to a K-pop song as precisely as possible. The two emcees on the side will be jotting down the names of the idols who will make mistakes. This is typically observed when an idol looks confused or is doing a step wrong compared to his fellow members.

As the challenge progresses, the speed of each song is sped up two times faster. The video above is an example of Seventeen dancing to Don’t Wanna Cry, Mansae, and Pretty U to name a few.

With a great number of Filipinos being K-pop fans, it’s no surprise that most know their Ult’s choreography by heart. Play this game to awaken the spirits of your nieces and nephews. Make it a showdown even. Besides, it’s not enough to keep your dance moves on your TikTok videos forever.

Complete the lyrics of songs

In this popular game featured in the Korean variety show Amazing Saturday, players have to guess the lyrics of a song word per word to win different types of food. Failure to determine the lyrics correctly will lead cast and guests to give up their meal to the game master.

So, if ever you plan on playing this game, make sure you have someone that is up-to-date with pop music or probably even someone with a wide range of music tastes. You can also challenge your friends or family members by focusing on songs by your favorite band.

Winners get bragging rights as the biggest fan of the band. However, you can always make things more exciting with prizes, like a goodie bag containing the band's merch or, if you're feeling generous, perhaps some concert tickets? It's Christmas anyway!

Fun Korean variety show games to play on your barkada's Christmas reunion (2024)


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