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Entertaining games you can enjoy; selectively picked up from Korean variety shows.

As a fan and audience of many K-dramas and K-variety shows, I have encountered many fun games which I have shared in my last blog. And today, I will be talking about more games that can be played in groups. Mostly, people in Korea love to hang out with peers and colleagues after a long and tiring day. Most people love to enjoy their weekends away from home to relax and enjoy themselves. Playing different games is usually preferred during this short vacation.

Some of the popular variety shows including Running Man, 2 Days & 1 Night, Busted, Weekly Idol, Knowing Brothers, etc. are rich in content and humor. And I, personally prefer Run BTS because of its unique rewards and penalties and all the members are passionate about every game.

Now let’s talk about the games.

1 Mafia Game
At the top list of the variety show games, we have the legendry Mafia Game. Mafia is an organization that is involved in crime. So basically, the game is about punishing the mafia and saving the townspeople. There can be 1 or 2 mafias according to the number of players. I will be explaining the rules for the game of 4 people. The MC or the host who conducts the game starts with the setting of night where every player bows down their heads and closes their eyes. Then the host chooses one mafia, one investigator/police, and the rest as townspeople for the game. Most people use a red card for the mafia, a black card for citizens, and the king of hearts for the police. After the host announces the daybreak, each player is given a short time to assure themselves as innocent citizens. Nobody is allowed to show their cards. After hearing each member they start to discuss and suspect each other. Eventually, the host announces nighttime where the mafia kills one of the innocent citizens. When the host notifies of daybreak and report of murder the players start to search mafia and vote the suspect. After the vote is done the host declares whether he is innocent or not. The game ends with the victory of the mafia if he survives until the end of the game or the townspeople win if they find the mafia.
The fun part of the game is when players are killed and betrayed by the trusted one.

2 Telepathy Game
Telepathy is a direct sense of connection between the people which is the main factor of this game. This game is played in a pairs. Each pair is given a number of keywords or questions and they should act or write out the same action and answer. For example, if the keyword is fishing and they should show the gesture of fishing. If they act exactly the same they get a point. Similarly, the question can be asked about their first encounter and if they answer the same, they get a point. The pair with the most points wins the game. This game is all about knowing each other and recalling the memories. It helps to evaluate their telepathy skill.

3 Whisper Challenge
Whisper challenge is the popular game among the overall variety shows. At the same time, it is simply understood by everyone. It is played in pairs or in a group according to the number of players. The players are provided with headphones so that they could not hear any words or voices of others except the one who delivers the keyword. And it is also the reason for the name of this game.
Now let’s start our game. At first, we have to make sure that the players cannot hear any of our words. “A’’ player is given a word or a phrase, which he has to deliver to his partner or the other player. The other player tries to guess and choose the answer with the guidance of the movement of the lips. “A” player tries to convince the correct answer to the next player so that they can continue their game in order. Body language and gestures can be allowed or can be optional. If the last player of the order gets the correct answer they gain a point. And of course, they are allowed to raise their voice as much as they want and try to open their mouth as they desire.
The main theme of this game is to understand the process of communication and the importance of listening to others.

4 Drawing relay
The one with the gift of art gets good merit in this game as it includes drawing. It is also a game that I always look forward to. We can really see the creativity and idea of people through their art.
The game starts with the player sitting in the row, where the best player sits at the front to envision the art and makes it easier for the other player to continue. At the end of the row, a player who has to guess the answer awaits by facing opposite to their member. The groups are provided limited time and each player is given a maximum of 10 seconds to draw and has to pass to the next player. If the player at the end cannot complete his/her drawing within 10 sec the receiver should try to guess with the hints and scenario seen through the art. The limited time in the game makes it more interesting and surprising. The groups are given keywords like the title of song, movie, celebrity, animals, and action.
I have also tried to complete my drawing in 10 sec hope you guys can guess it correctly.

5 Manito game
Last but not the least, Manito game well known as secret Santa in other countries is one of the favorite games played during the festival time. Manito is considered a supernatural being. During the time of New Year, Christmas, or any other happy occasion Manito game makes the festival more overwhelming. To play this game every person writes their name on a paper and collects it in a bowl for a shuffle. Each gets to pick up a name card in order and they can buy the gift for the person with their own perspectives. It is fun as one will be unsure at the same time curiosity level makes the game more exciting. This game helps each other to know more about our friends and family.
Manito makes sure to know your inner wish and surprise with exciting gifts. The secret Manito is especially preferred among the kids as well as adults.

I hope you guys try some of these games to build connections and create more memories with your loved ones. May this game make your trip fun and enjoy the best time of your life. I personally recommend Whisper Challenge among family and colleagues.

Article by Korea Supporter Nepal 2021 –Ashma Limbu


Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Nepal (2024)


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