23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (2024)

If you love a good wedding DIY, you're certainly not alone—we are right there with you and here to provide the easy instructions you need for success. When it comes to your nuptials, there are several things you can make, build, or create on your own, from décor to food and everything in between. One particularly fun idea is making your own wedding centerpieces.

In this collection of DIY wedding centerpieces, you're sure to find a project you love—and something that suits your skill level, time frame, and budget. These budget-friendly ideas will also help you save up for other aspects of your wedding. Ahead, discover several DIY wedding centerpieces (some floral, some not!) that will bring a personal, homemade touch to one of the prettiest elements of your reception.

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Peony Centerpieces and Favors

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Group a few big, bold peonies together, and you've got a gorgeous tablescape. But that's not all! Invite guests to take a vase home at the end of the evening, and you've got your favors covered, too. Simply arrange them on tables (make sure there are enough to go around) and add our custom clip-art sign.

Make These Favor Centerpieces

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Hardware Candle Centerpiece

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This modern metallic centerpiece starts with a slab of stone tile ($7, homedepot.com) used as a runner. On top, insert both candlesticks and tea lights into mix-and-match copper-colored hardware you can get from your local store (3/4-inch brass pipe cap, $7.50; 3/4-inch copper pressure C x C coupling with stop, $9.50 for a bag of 10; and 1 1/2-inch copper tube cap, $6.50, homedepot.com).

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Plaster-Dipped Vessels

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (3)

One lush, overflowing centerpiece creates an unforgettable tablescape and lets you keep everything else spare and simple. This arrangement of hellebores, andromeda, garden roses, dahlias, clematis, delphiniums, and porcelain vines is displayed in a custom compote that's actually just a footed bowl dipped in plaster.

How to Turn a Dated Vase Into a Beautiful Vessel With Decoupage

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Geometric Candle Sticks

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (4)

Remember playing with wooden blocks as a kid—or learning to draw with them in art class? Those same educational toys can be transformed into modernist centerpieces with a quick trip to the hardware store and a coat of paint. But here's a lesson you didn't learn in kindergarten: A cone and cylinder, when stacked, make an inexpensive and eye-catching geometric candlestick, as does a cube all on its own. A small cut in a half-sphere or prism can also turn it into a place-card holder or table-number holder. Continue the theme with wooden bead napkin rings and chair garlands.

Make These Geometric Wooden Candleholders

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Tiered Bowl Centerpiece

For a bold and cheery statement piece, fill tiered bowls with dense tufts of goldenrod, fuzzy clusters of mimosa, globelike craspedia balls, olive leaves, kumquats, lemons, and sprigs of fresh lavender.

Make This Tiered Bowl Centerpiece

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Colorful Candleholders

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (6)

Create a centerpiece that offers festive color and ambience by simply spray-painting wooden candleholders of varying heights to match candles in the same hues.

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Blooming Branches

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (7)

Fit for a spring wedding, these branches bloom with handmade paper blossoms and are accented with millinery birds.

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Decorated Glasses

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (8)

Clustered around a floral centerpiece, these gussied-up containers enhance any scene. We relied on common adhesives—glue, stickers, and tape—as well as paint and glitter to make basic glasses stun.

Make These Glowing Glass Centerpieces

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Pink Vinyl Centerpieces

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (9)

Snip plastic strips of hot pink vinyl to the same height as vases, roll them up, and slip them inside. Add a glue dot to keep the strip in place on larger vessels.

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Veneer Centerpieces

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (10)

Rather than an explosion of petals, consider a sculptural arrangement of veneer figure eights.

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Wrapped Branches Centerpiece

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (11)

An arrangement of branches wrapped in seam binding and bedecked with fabric blooms makes for a minimalist look that holds maximum appeal.

More Twig and Branch Wedding Decor

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Stacked Boxes Centerpiece

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (12)

Check off three boxes with this display that counts as a centerpiece, a stack of party favors, and a table-number indicator all in one.

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Gold Embellishments

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (13)

Flowers and birds and clovers—oh, my! Sold by the sheet, Castle in the Air Dresden paper-backed foil trims take a zillion shapes, pack flat (perfect for a destination wedding), and are so wallet-friendly that even your grandma would agree they're a good deal. Re-create this tablescape by using double-sided tape to affix the embellishments to clear glass vessels in varying sizes. Pair the golden hue with soft pastel blooms.

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Tissue Paper Flowers

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (14)

In winter, when fresh blossoms may be harder to come by, these lush tissue-paper flowers are in full bloom. Their silver centers are actually Christmas balls, a nod to the season. Arranged at different heights in silver trumpet vases and mint julep cups, they bring whimsy to a formal reception table set in all white.

Make These Tissue-Paper Flower Centerpieces

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Floral Spheres

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (15)

Spread out on lush lawns or placed on a pedestal, these whimsical globes consisting of hundreds of orange, red, fuchsia, and yellow gerbera daisies add a pop of color to your wedding.

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Paper Magnolias

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (16)

Gorgeous paper magnolias are a wilt-free way to incorporate these beautiful harbingers of spring into an eye-popping centerpiece.

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Garden Foliage Centerpieces

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (17)

Scented geraniums, herbs, and other foliage nestled in hand-painted pots are a charming—and easy—garden party decoration. Invite guests to take home their favorite as a favor.

How to Arrange Foliage Branches to Make a Statement Centerpiece for Fall

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Paper Décor

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (18)

Turn a simply set table into something worth raising your glass to with just a few supplies—vellum paper, scissors, and tape.

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Papier-Mâché Fruit

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (19)

A minimal centerpiece, like this whitewashed papier-mâché fruit arrangement piled on a cake stand and trimmed with silver millinery leaves, is as chic as it is unexpected.

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Map-Covered Vases

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (20)

To make these map-covered vases, simply cut charts to fit around cylinders of various heights, then attach them with double-stick tape and fill each with flowers or a candle.

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Striped Luminarias

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (21)

Download our chic striped clip art to create this modern take on luminarias—paper bags with votives inside.

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Floral Luminarias

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (22)

At these blossoming tables, conversation will be anything but garden variety.

Make These In Full Bloom Centerpieces

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Accordion Accent Centerpieces

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (23)

If you can print and fold, you cake make these luminarias, inspired by cake-decorating stencils.

23 DIY Wedding Centerpieces We Love (2024)


How do you make a homemade wedding centerpiece? ›

One of the easiest ways to create floral arrangements yourself is to arrange one variety of blooms in its own vase. This way all you have to do is hold the bunch of flowers, cut the stems (at an angle, of course) and place them in a vessel filled with water. Easy peasy!

How many different centerpieces are needed for a wedding? ›

We recommend a mix of both tall and short centerpieces with 3 – 5 different centerpiece styles depending on how many tables are needed.

Is it cheaper to make your own wedding centerpieces? ›

Okay, so I just did some math, and for all the stuff to make the centerpieces plus the crystals, candles, and candle holders for the tables each table will cost about $20 to make. This cuts the budget in half of having a decorator come in and do it.

Is DIY wedding worth it? ›

Planning a DIY wedding can be a great way to save money, but if you don't do your research, it can quickly break your budget. From the cost of materials to the time you'll spend planning, it all adds up! That's why it's important to plan and budget well ahead of the wedding to ensure you don't overspend.

What is the most popular form of centerpiece for weddings? ›

The most traditional centerpiece is the floral arrangement. Whether these are tall, short, wide, or narrow, fresh blooms in the middle of the table just say “wedding.” Keep your venue's structure and design in mind when determining the size of your arrangements, advises event designer Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events.

What is the rule with centerpieces? ›

Conversely, short centerpieces are great for accommodating conversation among guests. As a general guideline, you'll want to keep your tall pieces at 24” or higher and your short pieces at 12” or under.

What is the most popular form of centerpiece? ›

The most popular type of centerpiece is a vase of flowers. What is a good centerpiece for a kitchen table? A vignette centerpiece is a great centerpiece for a kitchen table.

What is the number one rule in selecting centerpiece? ›

Consider the shape of your table. When thinking about your centerpiece, it may be natural to focus exclusively on the feature in question. However, Seb urges you to take a step back and focus on the centerpiece in regard to the table as a whole. 'Always consider the shape of the table.

Is $1000 enough for wedding flowers? ›

$1000 - $1500

Most often, this will allow for bridal bouquet, a few bridesmaid bouquets as well as boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. Depending on the number in the wedding party, it could account for boutonnieres and corsages for a few additional family members.

How much does the average DIY wedding cost? ›

As a safe average, couples should consider the cost of a backyard wedding to be around $16,000 or more for a great experience with 30 or more guests.

Is a DIY wedding stressful? ›

DIY weddings require meticulous attention to detail and careful organisation. Mistakes can happen, and dealing with unexpected issues or oversights can add unnecessary stress.

How do I make a simple table centerpiece? ›

There are several items you can put in a centerpiece besides flowers. Some common filler ideas include branches, fruit, candy (like chocolate kisses), or pinecones. If you're planning a child's party, other whimsical fillers include lollipops, drink bottles, paper pom poms, or curled ribbons.

Should you DIY wedding centerpieces? ›

Going back to that oh-so-important wedding budget, DIY'ing your centerpieces and other arrangements can save you some serious cash. Faux blooms are much easier to use for craft projects, as they are more sturdy than their organic counterparts, yet they are still simple to bend and re-shape.

How to make centerpiece at home? ›

Here is what you will need:
  1. A wood box with a plastic liner or a container of your choice. The one I used is 12″ x 4″ x 4″.
  2. A brick of Oasis Floral Foam. ( ...
  3. A few water pick tubes. ...
  4. Two mini orchids of your choice. ...
  5. A variety of flowers in white or in colors to compliment the orchids.


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